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Open a Company in Antalya Free Zone

Updated on Tuesday 26th October 2021

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Open a Company in Antalya Free Zone.jpegForeign investors who want to benefit from an advantageous business climate can develop their operations in Antalya free zone. The Turkish government offers various incentives to attract as many foreign investors as possible, plus top facilities. If you are also interested in opening a business in Antalya free zone, we invite you to talk to our team of company formation agents in Turkey and discover our services dedicated to your needs.

What can you do in Antalya free zone?

Antalya free zone is a good business destination, especially for large companies abroad. Import and export activities are encouraged in Antalya free zone, therefore, there are many companies that already enjoy generous profits in a stable and advantageous climate. Here's what you can do in Antalya free zone:
  • • Food & beverages import and export companies can establish their activities in this free zone.
  • • Manufacturers of computer and robotics components benefit from an advantageous charging system.
  • • Companies that offer warehousing for import and export companies can expand their business in Antalya free zone.
  • • Companies dealing with food production and fishery products can be established in this free zone.
There are many types of activities that can be established in Antalya free zone, and the formalities are quite easy. Our specialists can guide you if you want to open a business in this special area. In addition, all registration procedures can be successfully managed by our team of company formation agents in Turkey.

The advantages offered by Antalya free zone

Being a special business area, the advantages offered are commensurate. For example, business owners in Antalya free zone can benefit from corporate income tax exemption, no customs duties, and the possibility to repatriate profits without restrictions in this case. Here are other advantages of this special business area:
  • • There is no property tax for land or real estate owned in Antalya free zone.
  • • There is no VAT for logistics services addressed to third-world states.
  • • The Turkish government has implemented equal business conditions for all business owners, regardless of their country of origin.
  • • Foreigners with companies established in Antalya free zone can access domestic markets without restrictions.
  • • The infrastructure offered in Antalya free zone is at high standards and is in line with international requirements.
  • • Bureaucracy is extremely low, and companies in Antalya free zone can be set up very easily and quickly. We remind you that you can be helped by our company formation agents in Turkey.

What other businesses can develop in Antalya free zone

In addition to the activities mentioned above, foreign entrepreneurs can also think about business development in sectors of interest such as banking and insurance, maintenance services, packing and storing, manufacturing, research & development. Moreover, investors can plan and build their own premises for future activities and business development. In addition, Antalya free zone also offers the possibility to rent warehouses or office spaces. All these aspects can be explained to you leisurely by our experts, so get in touch with us using free case evaluation or request a call back.

Turkey, an advantageous business destination

Spread over two continents, Europe and Asia, Turkey is a safe and appreciated business destination, which continues to turn its attention to foreign investors through all kinds of programs and incentives. Infrastructure and manpower are among the most important benefits offered to foreign investors who want to establish their operations in Turkey and who want to enjoy consistent profits. Low labor costs are another issue for foreigners looking to relocate to Turkey. Here are other statistics about Turkey's economy that you might be interested in:
  1. Turkey registered more than USD 211 billion in total FDI stock.
  2. The 2020 Doing Business report ranked Turkey 33rd out of 190 global economies in terms of optimal business conditions and the ease with which a company can be set up.
  3. Manufacturing and energy are among the sectors that absorb the most foreign investment.
  4. The Netherlands is the largest foreign investor in Turkey, with over 16% of total foreign investment.
Therefore, Turkey can be an optimal business and operations solution for foreign companies. If you want to open a company in Antalya free zone and enjoy the advantages offered, we invite you to contact our local agents.

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