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Turkey to Boost Economic Relations with Germany


At the end of October, Turkey and Germany held a joint economic forum in Ankara through which a deeper cooperation between the two countries was established. According to the new bilateral agreement, Turkey and Germany will improve their economic relations by boosting trade and by cooperating in new projects. If you want to open a company in Turkey, our local consultants can guide you through the procedure.

Turkey Announced New Support Measures for Companies


The sudden changes and the instability of the foreign exchange trends have put a strain on the Turkish economy, therefore on the companies operating here, which is why two of the most important ministries in the country have announced new measures which will help businesses. The Ministry for Finance and the Ministry for Industry and Technology have announced an action plan through which Turkish companies would be defended from external pressures. You can rely on our local consultants if you need company formation services in Turkey.

Turkey Climbs 15 Places in the E-government Development Index


Not long after introducing the e-government strategy through which some of the public services are now delivered by using digital means, Turkey managed to climb 15 places in the E-government Development Index (EGDI) created by the United Nations. Turkey now ranks 53rd in the world in terms of e-government performance. Our company formation agents in Turkey can offer more information on the regulations related to doing business in this country.

Turkey to Rely on Foreign Investments to Revamp the Economy


In the near future, Turkey plans on attracting new foreign investors who will help the economy rebound and decrease the account deficit which has increased at the beginning of the year. The minister for finance has put in place an economy management team which will find solutions in order to increase Turkey’s economy and keep up with the latest global market’s trends. If you want to open a company in Turkey and need assistance, our local company formation consultants can advise you.

How Does the Turkish Tax System Work?


Investors and foreign citizens coming to Turkey see the taxation system here as one of the main reasons for doing business, respectively living and working. Turkey offers many incentives to foreign investors; however, employees of Turkish companies also have several benefits from a taxation point of view. Below, our company formation agents in Turkey have prepared a brief overview of this country’s taxation system.

Turkey to Start Developing Gastronomy Tourism


Turkey has made a significant economic recovery in 2017 thanks to an important growth of the trading industry, however it is still in need of additional income which is thought to come in greater numbers under the form of foreign investments. One of the industries attracting foreign investors is tourism, which is why the Turkish government together with industry players consider a new branch of the tourism sector could rise the interest of potential investors: gastronomy tourism. Our company formation agents in Turkey can help investors who want to open businesses in tourism.

Foreign Investments, an Important Income Source for the Turkish Economy


Foreign direct investments (FDI) are one of the most important economic branches of countries around the world. In other words, developed states which know how to attract foreign investors rely on these investments which represent an important percentage of their gross domestic products. From this point of view, Turkey is one of the most appealing FDI destinations in the world. Our company formation agents in Turkey can offer information on the legislation related to foreign investments.


New Clean Innovation Scheme Announced in Turkey


In the last few years, the Turkish authorities have come with various initiatives which supported a clean environment. One of the most successful one was the Clean Innovation Program which attracted a great number of Turkish companies. Under a new program which will be launched next year, the companies which have participated in the previous program will benefit from additional funds to continue their activities based on the use of clean technology. Our company formation agents in Turkey can help foreign investors who want to invest in the environmental sector in this country.

Turkish Government Is Positive about the Economy in 2018


The Turkish economy has reached an impressive growth in 2017, the last quarter alone being one of the best since 2011. Despite the slowdown in external demand, the economy has registered other remarkable results, among which a powerful manufacturing industry. It is also important for the country to keep growing through industrialization, according to the authorities. Our company formation consultants in Turkey can help foreign investors who want to open companies in this country.

More Than 30 Million Tourists Visited Turkey in 2017


Tourism remained one of the top economic sectors in Turkey last year, as the number of visitors entering the country for touristic purpose exceeded 30 million individuals. All of them were foreign tourists and came to Turkey between January and November. If you want to start a business in tourism, our Turkish company formation agents can offer information on the legislation related to this industry.

Turkey Attracted 140 Billion USD in FDI between 2010 and 2016


Turkey is one of the largest countries in the world which is among the reasons leading to a high number of developed industries in which investments can be made. Together with the government’s approach toward foreign investmentsTurkey is nowadays one of the most attractive destinations for entrepreneurs from every corner of the world. Our company registration agents in Turkey can offer information on the legislation related to foreign investments.

Moody's Reports Resilient Credit Balance for Turkey


Recently, the credit rating agency Moody’s has issued a report on Turkey’s credit profile assessing its economic outlook for 2018. According to the agency, the Turkish economy will become more flexible and more resilient in the year to come. Foreign investors who want to open companies in Turkey rely very much on these predictions. If you want to open a company in Turkey, our company registration agents can assist you.

Forecast for Turkey: Economy to Grow by 5 -5.1% by the End of the Year


As the end of 2017 is closing in, many countries start drawing the line and verify their results; however, for some countries the last few months of this year will bring good news and better results. Among these countries there is Turkey which, according to the World Bank, will have an annual growth rate of 5-5.1%, higher than the 3.5% predicted at the beginning of the year. Foreign investors interested in starting businesses in this country can receive assistance from our company formation consultants in Turkey.

Turkey Aims to Become World Medical Tourism Leader by 2023


Turkey is already a sought tourism destination among European citizens, which is why the government wants to seize this opportunity and transform the country into a world leader in terms of tourism. By 2023, Turkey aims to become the most sought health tourism destination in the world. Our company formation agents in Turkey can assist foreign investors interested in starting a business in tourism.

Gaming Exports in Turkey to Reach 2 billion USD by 2020


At the beginning of the year, the Development and Technologies Association of Turkey (TGGT) announced a strategy through which the export of digital games would reach 2 billion USD by 2020. The digital games industry now represents one of the leading economic sectors of Turkey as the government has enabled several incentives for innovation and technological production. Our company formation consultants in Turkey can assist investors interested in starting a business in the gaming sector.

Turkish Tourism Sector Rebounded in June


Turkey is once again a sought vacation destination, after the number of tourists rose by 43% in a single month this year. June brought close to 3,5 million visitors to Turkey, most of them arriving from Russia. The rise in tourist numbers comes after the same spectacular growth registered in April. Foreign investors interested in business opportunities in tourism can consider the company formation services offered by our Turkish consultants.

Turkish Economic Confidence Index Grew by 4.5% in July


The Turkish economy is on the rise and one of the main factors contributing to its increase is the confidence of investors and of the population. Moreover, the confidence level in the economy has reached its highest peak since November 2013. Retail and services were the industries registering the highest growth in July. Enterprisers who want to open companies in this country can rely on the support offered by our company registration agents in Turkey.

Industrial Production and Manufacturing, Two of the Best Turkish Industries in Q2


The beginning of the year meant the increase of several industrial sectors in Turkey. Among these, industrial production and manufacturing registered the best results between April and June 2017. Foreign investors who want to open companies in one of the above-mentioned industries can rely on our company registration consultants in Turkey.

Turkey Encourages the Development of the E-commerce Sector


During the last several years the number of Turkish private companies interested in setting up all types of facilities with the purpose of helping the economy has increased considerably. The last initiative of this kind is a research and development (R&) center which will be established in the center of Istanbul. The new project aims to help companies bringing innovative solutions. Our company formation agents in Turkey can assist investors interested in setting up businesses in the research and development field.

Foreign Investments in Turkey Rose Considerably Since the Beginning of 2017


The Turkish Office of Statistics came with some good news for the economy at the end of April: foreign direct investment (FDI) number registered one of the highest growths during the month of February since the beginning of the year. Foreign investors interested in starting a business in this country can rely on the company formation services offered by our company registration consultants in Turkey.

Turkey Announces New Fuel Subsidies for Transportation Companies


The Turkish government has recently announced several subsidies for transportation companies operating in various industries. One of the most important subsidy refers truck companies exporting goods outside the country for which the upper limited for buying fuel was increased. Another subsidy will be offered to aviation companies transporting passengers. Our company formation consultants in Turkey can offer more information on the incentives offered to transportation companies.

Turkey and Russia to Launch New Joint Fund for Investments


Turkey and Russia have recently signed a memorandum through which the two countries will enhance trading and investment relations in the next years. The agreement was signed by the representatives of the Turkish Wealth Fund (TWF) and the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF). Foreign investors interested in starting a business in Turkey can rely on the services offered by our company registration representatives.

Turkey and UAE to Increase Economic Cooperation


Turkey and the UAE are planning to increase economic cooperation in the years to come, according to a press release issued after a meeting held by in Ankara by the UAE ministry of economy and the Turkish deputy prime ministry. The two countries are also expected to increase trade relations in the near future. Our company formation agents in Turkey can assist all foreign investors interested in investing in this country.

Turkey Remained an Attractive Investment Destination in 2016


2016 was a good year for the Turkish economy if considering the statistics which show an increase in the number of foreign investors who have established companies here. According to the Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB), there were 4,523 new companies registered in Turkey last year. Our company formation representatives in Turkey can assist foreign investors interested in opening businesses here.

The Turkish Automotive Industry Rose by 8% in 2016


Turkey is known as a destination for some of the largest car manufacturers in the world and spare parts producer and recent surveys show the automotive industry is one the most performant sectors of the economy. In 2016, this industry rose by 8%, according to the Automotive Manufacturers Association in Turkey (OSD). Foreign investors interested in opening a company in this economic sector can rely on our Turkish company formation consultants.


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