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Opportunities for investments in information and communications technology sector

Turkey has seen a major inflow of foreign direct investments over the last ten years. The country managed to become a favourite destination for foreign investors who find various opportunities there and who benefit from Turkey’s advantageous geographical location.

New regulations for the construction sector in Turkey


Turkey is currently working on changes to the Construction Law that will result in harsher conditions for the construction business, but at the same time, will make the business a much safer sector. The changes will most likely focus on the importance of competence certificates and other mandatory documents for operating in the Turkish construction sector.

Significant industrial production increase in July

Turkey’s industrial production recorded the biggest growth this year in July. The numbers exceeded the market forecasts for this year and surpass the numbers recorded during the same time last year. This indicates that Turkey’s economy is moving at a faster pace than anticipated and that the outlook continues to be positive.  

Opportunities for foreign investments in the Turkish energy sector


Turkey has grown to be one of the most important and reliable oil and gas supplier in the region. The country started to record an important overall growth in 2003 and since then the country has had a stable economy, with a peaceful and investment friendly environment. Foreign investors may want to turn their attention to Turkey as the country is making great progress in the energy sector.

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