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Number of Start-Up Companies Grows in Turkey


The number of start-up companies in Turkey has increased in 2015, according to experts, which is also why investments in start-ups have also grown. The companies benefiting from most investments were high-tech enterprises providing high-end products and services. This has led to a positive change in the influx of foreign investors seeking quality products and services in Turkey.

Turkish Economy Registers 3.4% Growth at the End of 2015


Turkey has ended 2015 on a good note with an economic growth of 3.4% on a year-to-year basis, according to the Turkish Statistics Institute. The Gross Domestic Product rose by 4% in the last quarter of 2015 alone, which was above the expected percentage. Our specialists in Turkey can provide you with more information about the actual economic situation of the country.

Turkey to Be the Second Production Hub in Europe


Despite the global economic crisis, Turkey has been economically growing in a constant manner and its strategically crucial position (as it neighbors Europe, Iraq and Europe, among others) gives the country the potential for becoming the second production hub in EuropeOur company formation experts can offer you the complete details about Turkey's economy and also assist you in setting up businesses in Turkey.

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