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Turkish Tourism Sector Rebounded in June

Written by: Bridgewest

Turkish-tourism-sector-rebounds-in-JuneTurkey is once again a sought vacation destination, after the number of tourists rose by 43% in a single month this year. June brought close to 3,5 million visitors to Turkey, most of them arriving from Russia. The rise in tourist numbers comes after the same spectacular growth registered in April. Foreign investors interested in business opportunities in tourism can consider the company formation services offered by our Turkish consultants.

Tourism brings about 30 billion USD to the Turkish economy

Which is what makes it one of the most important economic sectors in Turkey. After a few incidents which have kept tourists away, Turkey is now recovering and the rising number of visitors is the best proof. Tourist numbers grew by 43% this June with nearly 3,5 million arrivals and with the greatest increase being registered among Russian visitors. On a yearly basis, the number of Russian tourists rose by 1.573%. The data released by the Culture and Tourism Ministry shows the number of Russian citizens entering Turkey in June was 763,727. Another 1.4 million tourists came from Europe during the same period of the year, 0.6% higher than in June 2016.

Foreign entrepreneurs can open various types of businesses in the most sought touristic destinations in Turkey. Our company registration agents in Turkey can assist those who want to set up travel agencies or hotels here.

Russia is currently Turkey’s largest tourist market

As it represents 21.9% of the total tourist arrivals in June; however, Germany, Ukraine, Iran and the UK also account for large portions of the tourism market.

The first half of the year brought a total number of 12,3 million visitors to Turkey, 14% more than the same period of 2016. The number of Russian tourists rose by an impressive 820% on an annual basis, 1,69 million Russian citizens visiting Turkey in the first half of 2017. Compared to these, the number of European visitors was 4,8 million during the same period.

Tourist arrivals brought 5.4 billion USD to the economy since the beginning of the year, representing an increase of 8.7% on a year-to-year basis. If you want to start a company in tourism, you can contact our company formation advisors in Turkey.



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