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Import Duty from Turkey to EU

Updated on Saturday 12th June 2021

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Import duty from Turkey to EU.jpgTurkey is not part of the European Union, but the country aligns with a series of regulations imposed by the EU in the import and export field. In most cases, importers from Turkey are not subject to customs, however, some areas might require attention from this point of view. If you would like to open an import company in Turkey and discover the customs requirements you can talk to our Turkish company formation agents. Our specialists can tell you more about the Turkey import duty calculator and tariffs involved.

Requirements for Turkish importers in EU

TARIC is the Integrated Tariff of the European Communities that provides information about the customs duties for each country and the import & export activities. Trading company owners need to analyze the product categories and see if there are any duties involved.
In the case of most Turkish importers, the customs union duty is 0%, however, things change for agricultural products and the import of specific natural resources regulated by trade concessions agreements. Checking the codes to see if there are any duties imposed can be made with the help of our company formation specialists in Turkey. Here are a few details about import duty from Turkey to EU:
  • The Customs Union agreement was signed between Turkey and EU in 1995.
  • Most imports to Turkey are considered intra-community acquisition of goods and therefore, there are no duties imposed.
  • The highest customs duties apply for ceramic products, furniture, leather goods, motorbikes, and other relevant products.
  • The coding system used by Turkey is the one imposed by the World Customs Organization.
  • The VAT payment is required for importers.
  • The CIF value of goods stands at the base of customs duties estimation.
Complete information about Turkey import duty calculator can be discussed with our Turkish company formation specialists. The same team can offer assistance for entrepreneurs who want to register a trading company in this country.

Document requirements for Turkish imports to EU

Except for agricultural products and commodities made from steel, coal, and other related materials, there are no duties imposed on importers in Turkey. The formalities are quite simplified, however, one should pay attention to all the requirements in terms of documents. The certificate of origin of the products, a TR movement certificate, and a certificate of compliance are among the documents solicited for imports from Turkey to EU. In the case of agricultural goods, the EUR-MED certificate is required. 
It is important to note that if no documents confirm the preferential status of products, importers might pay customs duties that are normally imposed on third countries. The authorities will also solicit information about the VAT compliance for trading companies.
One of our Turkish company formation agents can tell you more about the regulations involving documents for importers to the EU.

Other import procedures in Turkey

There are specific import procedures for products like alcohol and tobacco and most refer to licenses and permits. These are issued by TAPDK or Tobacco Products and Alcoholic Drink Market Regulatory.
In the case of precious metals, such products can be imported with the permission of the Istanbul Precious Metals Exchange, regulated by Borsa Istanbul. Even pharmaceutical products require approvals and specific certificates from the Turkish Ministry of Health. More on this topic can be discussed with our agents who can also explain all the details about the import duty from Turkey to EU.

Making investments in the trading sector in Turkey

Starting a business in the import and export field is definitely a great option for local and international entrepreneurs. The business climate is quite advantageous, so is the tax regime, even if Turkey is not part of the EU. However, there is no import duty from Turkey to EU, but specific regulations and tariffs apply to agricultural goods.
International players can benefit from an experienced workforce in the trading field, great support for logistics and transportation, storage, excellent infrastructure, and a simplified verification process at customs.
Here are a few facts and figures about Turkey’s imports and exports:
  1. The import of goods of Turkey in 2019 had a total value of nearly USD 211 billion.
  2. The total value of the exported goods from Turkey stood at around USD 180 billion in the same year.
  3. For 2020, the Turkish exports worth around USD 170 billion while the imports registered nearly USD 220 billion.
Interested in more about the Turkey import duty calculator and trading activities in this country? Please feel free to discuss further details with our Turkish company formation specialists and ask for assistance. Contact us right away.

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