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Company Formation Turkey



Open a Company in the Financial Sector in Turkey

Updated on Wednesday 13th December 2017

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Open-a-company-in-the-financial-sector-in-TurkeyThe financial services sector is one of the most developed economic branches in Turkey. This is because, the National Bank and the Capital Markets Board work closely in order to ensure the well-functioning of all companies operating in the financial sector. Moreover, in 2013 Turkey amended some of the laws related to the financial industry in order to provide for modern regulations for existing institutions and to attract foreign investors in Turkey.

The financial industry in Turkey is made up of the following sectors:

  • -          banking;
  • -          insurance and reinsurance;
  • -          pension;
  • -          financial leasing;
  • -          consumer financing;
  • -          factoring.

Pension funds and insurance are the categories attracting most of the investors. Our Turkish company formation agents can offer information on the laws governing the financial sector.

How to register a financial company in Turkey

The first stage in opening a financial company in Turkey is to prepare the documents related to the company registration and submit them with the Companies Register. This step is the same for all types of companies operating in the financial sector in Turkey. The company’s statutory documents must provide for the objectives of the company. It should be noted that the Banking Law in Turkey provides for all financial companies to be registered as joint stock companies.

Our company registration consultants in Turkey can assist with the registration of financial companies with the Trade Register.

Special requirements for companies in the Turkish financial sector

Companies in the financial services industry in Turkey are subject to special requirements related to the share capital. The Capital Markets Law and the Banking Law provide for a financial institution offering banking services to have a minimum capital of 30 million TL. The same requisite applies to foreign banks opening branch offices in Turkey. Also, investment companies must deposit a minimum capital of 15 million TL. Another requirement is for the shareholders of any financial company to have not undergone bankruptcy. Also, the directors and managers of this type of companies must have certain qualifications compatible with the economic field.

For full information on the requirements to open a financial company, please contact our company formation representatives in Turkey.



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