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Open a Shop in Turkey

Updated on Friday 17th February 2023

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Open-a-joint-stock-company-in-Turkey.jpgTurkey is known as one of the largest exporters in the world which is why the retail sector is among the most developed industry of its economy. In order to improve the development of the retail industry, the government amended the Retail Trade Law in 2015 and thus providing for stricter regulations for those seeking to open companies in this sector, but also for simplified licensing procedures.
The new Retail Law also led to the creation of a new information system, called PERBIS, where all retailers are registered. If you want to open a shop and need additional information on the Retail Trade Law, you can obtain it from our Turkish company formation consultants.

Types of stores approved by the Turkish Retail Law

Turkey is renowned for the variety of fast-moving consumer goods it produces and sells within the country through the store networks around the country or which are destined for export. When it comes to the types of shops one can open in Turkey, the Retail Law acknowledges:
  • -          small and large stores;
  • -          hypermarkets;
  • -          chain stores;
  • -          franchise stores;
  • -          retail dealers;
  • -          sole traders registered as craftsmen and tradesmen.
No matter the type of store one wants to set up in Turkey, he or she must first register a company and then file for the retail license and other special permit depending on the goods which will be sold in the shop. Our company registration agents in Turkey can help with the company formation procedure.
Do you want payroll in Turkey for the company you own? Our specialists have experience in the field and can guide you in this direction. Payroll involves a series of formalities and procedures, with the help of which salaries can be paid in the company. If you also want more information about this type of service, we recommend you contact us and discover the personalized offers.

The retail license in Turkey

Foreign investors who open shops in Turkey must also apply for a retail license through the PERBIS system. The must file information on the company and the goods which will be sold through the interface of the program following which the documents will be sent to the authorized administrations which will issue all the licenses necessary to start operating as a shop.
With respect to the special licenses which must be obtained for selling certain goods like over-the-counter pharmaceutical products or cosmetics, the business owner must file for the authorization for commercializing the products in his or her store.
For assistance in opening a shop, please feel free to contact our company formation advisors in Turkey. We can also assist with the company registration process in Turkey.


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