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Open a Travel Agency in Turkey

Updated on Tuesday 14th January 2020

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Turkey is a country located on two continents and throughout its history, it has managed to get the best out of both worlds. Because of its strategic position between Europe and Asia, Turkey offers many advantages to business owners who want to open international businesses. A travel agency in Turkey is an excellent option for investment because the country has much to offer to tourists.
Our company formation agents in Turkey can help you open a travel agency and guide you throughout the company incorporation procedure.

Types of companies for opening a travel agency in Turkey

Because this country has so much to offer, foreign investors can choose to open a travel agency that will provide specific or general tourism packages. The first step when opening a company in Turkey is choosing the appropriate business form. While some investors prefer to open branches or subsidiaries and act as a representative of a larger tour operator, others choose to open a new company for the travel agency in Turkey.
The types of companies that are available in Turkey are:
The minimum share capital and the liability of the shareholders varies according to the type of company.

Registering a business form for a Turkish travel agency

As mentioned above, the first step to open a travel agency in Turkey is to select a business form. The Company Law provides for several types of structures that can be employed, and among the ones enumerated above, the private limited liability company is preferred by local investors can is also the choice of foreign ones in most of the situations.
The following steps need to be completed in order to register a tour operator in Turkey:
  1. choose a suitable trading name which reflects the activity of the company and reserve it with the Trade Register;
  2. have the Articles of Association of the company drafted, notarized and filed with the Trade Register;
  3. open the company’s bank account and deposit the share capital in accordance with the selected type of entity;
  4. register the company for taxation purposes and obtain a VAT number with the tax authorities;
  5. apply for the necessary licenses and register with the Turkish Travel Agents Association.
Registration with the Travel Agents Association is not mandatory, however, it is recommended in order to obtain visibility and trust of business partners and clients on a market that is filled with travel agencies such as Turkey.
If you want to open a company in Turkey and need assistance, our local consultants can guide you.

Activities completed to tour operators in Turkey

Tour operators and travel agencies in Turkey can engage in various activities in accordance with the licenses they obtain. There are 3 categories of licenses under which Turkish travel agencies can complete the following activities:
  • - promotion, marketing, creation and sale of national and international tour packages;
  • - reservation and sale of plane, land and naval tickets for the transportation of tourists;
  • - reservation and sale of tour packages and tickets on behalf of other tour operators;
  • - organization and sale of tour packages which includes accommodation, transportation, touring, food and beverage and various activities and entertainment;
  • - organization and sale of various tour events related to research, sports activities, congresses, health and religious activities.
It is important to note that travel agencies in Turkey are required to have their activities insured. Our Turkish company formation specialists can offer more information on the insurance requirements for travel agencies.

The travel agency license in Turkey

No matter the type of activity one wants to set up in the tourism sector in Turkey, this industry is regulated through the Travel Agents and Association of Travel Agencies Act no. 1618, dated 14/9/1972.
In order to obtain a travel agent license, one must first obtain an authorization with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Turkey. This step is completed after the company registration procedure.
The Ministry will issue an operating license to the Turkish travel agency. There are 3 categories of travel agency licenses that can be obtained in Turkey, and these are:
  • - the category A license which can provide all types of travel agency services;
  • - the category B license which can provide booking and ticket sale services for land, sea and air transportation;
  • - the category C license under which an agency can promote and sell tours in Turkey for Turkish citizens and residents only.
The following documents need to be filed with the Ministry of Tourism in order to obtain a travel agency license in Turkey:
  • - an application letter;
  • - a declaration indicating the registration date of the company and the issuance of the Trade Register extract which proves the travel agent business activity of the company;
  • - the Trade Register Certificate which must contain the authorized signatory of the company;
  • - information about the travel agents to work in the agency;
  • - the Social Security Institution Business Place code and the guarantee deposited in accordance with the type of license to be obtained.
It is important that where the travel agency is created through the registration of a joint stock company, the list of documents is more extensive. 

Turkish travel agency license guarantee

A Turkish company operating as a travel agency is required to deposit the following amount of money as a guarantee depending on the license it applies for:
  • - 7,000 TL for travel agencies applying for category A licenses;
  • - 6,000 TL for travel agencies applying for category B licenses;
  • - 5,000 TL for tour operators applying for category C licenses;
  • - 5% of the guarantee is also required for each branch opened by a travel agency.
Our company formation advisors in Turkey can provide more information in relation to this aspect.

Tourism in Turkey

Turkey is mainly famous for its seaside resorts and historical sites. Istanbul is one of the most popular touristic destinations, not only in Turkey, but also in the world. The Turkish coastline, known as the Turkish Riviera or the Turquoise Coast, is popular because of its warm climate and beautiful beaches. Some of the most famous archaeological sites that can be found there include two of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: the ruins of the Mausoleum of Mausolus and the Temple of Artemis. 
The Turkish cuisine is another attraction for foreigners. Popular recipes are based on a variety of fresh high quality fruits and vegetables, different types of fish and meat, sweet and delicious deserts and traditional drinks. The country is also known for a variety of museums, cultural life and, in recent years, it has become an increasingly popular health care destination.
Our company incorporation agents in Turkey can provide complete information about the special investment zones in Turkey. Please contact us if you want to invest in Turkey.

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