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Open a Truck Company in Turkey

Updated on Wednesday 25th January 2023

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Open-a-truck-company-in-Turkey.jpgThe trading industry is one of the most prolific economic sectors in Turkey. The same industry has led to the development of the logistics sector which is why the authorities have built an impressive infrastructure which connects Turkey to Europe and Asia and provides numerous business opportunities for foreign investors operating here. This is how opening a road transportation or a truck company in Turkey became a very profitable business.

Our company formation consultants in Turkey can offer information on the licenses a truck company must obtain in order to operate.

Registering a truck company in Turkey

The procedure for opening a truck company in Turkey is the same as for any other companies operating in other industries. The owner must prepare the incorporation documents and file them with the Trade Register. Our company registration agents in Turkey can assist with the drafting and filing of these documents with the Companies Register. Once this step is completed and the Turkish owner has purchased and registered the trucks it will use to carry out its transportation activities, it must file for the necessary licenses before starting operating.

Considering the large volume of merchandise destined to EU countries, Turkish road transportation companies must pay attention to the visas they must obtain for the truck drivers. Also, all trucks must comply with EU regulations on the transport of goods.

Our accountants in Turkey offer you specialized services in this field if you have a company in this country. Among them, we mention payroll, audits, bookkeeping, tax registration, annual financial statements, tax return, and debt monitoring. Also, an evaluation of assets in the company can be done, and where appropriate, certain measures can be implemented by our accountants. We invite you, therefore, to get in touch with us to discover as much as possible about the services offered by our specialists.

Legislation related to the transport of goods in Turkey

All truck companies in Turkey must comply with the Road Transportation Law which was enabled in 2004 and amended recently. According to the law, a truck company is allowed to access the market if it proves it has a good reputation and if it is financially sound. Also, opening a truck company in Turkey implies having an insurance for all the goods transported and obtaining a road transport permit.

All truck companies must pay attention to the custom duties and other taxes which need to be paid when transiting other countries. For this purpose, Turkey has concluded more than 55 bilateral agreements in order to reduce the tax burden on truck companies.

For full information on the legislation related to operating a truck business in Turkey, do not hesitate to contact us. You can also rely on our Turkish company formation agents for assistance with the company registration procedure.




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