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Open a Turkish Business for Repair and Maintenance of Boats

Updated on Thursday 17th January 2019

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Open-a-Business-for-Repair-and-Maintenance-of-Ships-and-Boats-in-TurkeyThe maritime industry is one of the largest and most prolific economic sectors of Turkey. Both local and foreign investors interested in operating in the maritime sector in Turkey can open various types of companies in other sub-sectors such as shipbuilding which provides many business opportunities.

One of the best-performing branches of the shipbuilding sector is the repair and maintenance of various types of vessels. If you plan on opening a business for repair and maintenance of ships and boats in Turkey, our company formation consultants can explain the requirements. We can also help those interested in setting up companies in other industries in Turkey with customized business registration services.

Choosing the right type of entity for a ship repair business in Turkey

Opening a business for repair and maintenance of ships and boats in Turkey will first imply selecting an appropriate type of structure for the company. Considering that most ship repair and maintenance companies are medium-sized enterprises, the recommended type of structure for this activity is the limited liability company which can be employed by both local and foreign investors in Turkey.

Here are a few aspects which need to be considered when establishing a company for repair and maintenance of ships and boats in Turkey:

  • -          the company must first register with the Companies Register in Turkey;
  • -          it is also necessary for the company to have a suitable location for offering its services;
  • -          the company should be registered with the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs;
  • -          the company must also hire specialized personnel which offers the services promoted.

We can assist with the incorporation procedure related to setting up a business for repair and maintenance of ships and boats in Turkey.

What types of vessels can a Turkish company service?

Turkey is known for having one of the most performant maritime fleets in the world with numerous companies using boats and ships for commercial transportation and leisure purposes, therefore companies offering repair and maintenance services can service a wide variety of vessels. Amon these are commercial vessels used by trading companies, yachts and other types of pleasure boats, vessels owned by private individuals, as well as boats used by travel agencies in tourism.

When it comes to the services such a Turkish company can offer, among them are the following:

  • -          repair services related to any electrical issues found onboard vessels;
  • -          repair services related to mechanical problems found onboard ships;
  • -          reconstruction and painting services for all types of ships and vessels;
  • -          repair services related to the hull and keel of all types of vessels;
  • -          maintenance services related to electrical or mechanical issues for all types of vessels;
  • -          docking and harboring services in designated spaces in Turkish shipyards.

There is a wide variety of services a Turkish company for repair and maintenance of ships and boats can offer. It is also useful to know that most of these companies operate in some of the largest ports in Turkey which are equipped with modern shipyards which can accommodate both small and large vessels.

Why start a business for repair and maintenance of boats in Turkey?

Water access is very important for Turkey which is one of the most important trading partners for European and Asian countries. Turkey is also an important hub which links Asia and Europe and many ships and boats stop here for various repair and maintenance services. This is one of the most important reasons for those interested in setting up a business for repair and maintenance of ships and boats in Turkey which can service vessels arriving from every corner of the world.

In order to help the shipbuilding sector in Turkey, the government has created a modern infrastructure and various incentives meant to encourage foreign investors interested in starting businesses here.

Shipbuilding and repair represent two of the most important sectors of the maritime industry in Turkey, employing more than 300,000 jobs at the national level. Also, at the end of 2016, Turkey had around 90 modern shipyards in which various services are provided.

Among the largest ports in Turkey, we mention Izmir and Guluk which have access to the Aegean Sea, Istanbul and Derince which have access to the Marmara Sea, Erdemir, Ordu and Trabzon which have access to the Black Sea, and the cities of Antalya, Isdemir and Mersin which have access to the Mediterranean Sea.

For assistance in opening a business for repair and maintenance of ships and boats in Turkey, please contact us. We can provide you with customized company registration services in most cities in Turkey.


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