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Open Turkish Business for Selling Food,Beverages and Tobacco

Updated on Friday 18th October 2019

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Open-a-Business-for-Selling-Food-Beverages-and-Tobacco-in-TurkeyTurkey has one of the most prolific retail industries in the world, as most of the goods which are also exported are produced here. Setting up a company through which investors can sell various products, among which food, beverages and tobacco care represent a good start on the Turkish market.

With the help of our company formation consultants in Turkey, the establishment of a business for the sale of food, beverages and tobacco becomes easy. We invite to read below about the requirements related to starting such a business and how we can help you.

Registration requisites for a Turkish company for selling food, beverages and tobacco

We should mention from the beginning that foreign investors have the right to sell various retail goods by setting up different types of shops in Turkey without any restriction. For this, they must first register a company with the Companies Register and then obtain the necessary approvals for selling such products.

The sale of food, beverages and tobacco in Turkey is subject to various criteria, however, in the case of food and beverages produced locally, these requirements are less stringent. When it comes to the sale of tobacco and associated products, the company must comply with stricter regulations.

If you decide to open a company in Turkey for the sale of food, drinks and tobacco, our local agents will start by explaining the regulations you must comply with. Then, we can start the incorporation procedure.

What are the best sold food and beverage products in Turkey?

The Turkish retail market is very prolific, as the country has a vast population representing a large consumer market. Most businesses selling goods in Turkey make good profits from:

  1. the sale of agricultural products, such as vegetables and goods which are found in most small and large groceries stores;
  2. meat and seafood are also among the most sold products in the foodstuff category;
  3. canned food and sweets also represent an important share of the food products sold in Turkish stores;
  4. when it comes to the sale of beverages, it is worth noting that large supermarket chains do not sell alcoholic beverages;
  5. when it comes to the sale of other types of drinks, juices and non-alcoholic drinks occupy a larger portion of the market.

It is also important to note that large stores selling food, beverages and tobacco can be found in cities like Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara. These stores also sell a lot of imported products.

In smaller towns and in villages, traditional shops called bakkal are present in a larger share.

No matter the size of your business for the sale of food, beverages and tobacco, our Turkish company formation specialists can help you set it up.

Requirements for selling tobacco in Turkey

As mentioned above, the sale of tobacco is subject to different criteria than those related to selling food and beverages. Tobacco products can be sold in both small and large shops, however, the company is not allowed to sell such goods to underaged persons and cannot advertise such products.

Our company registration representatives in Turkey can offer more information about the regulations for selling tobacco.

Licenses for opening a business for selling food, beverages and tobacco in Turkey

When it comes to the licenses for starting a company for the sale of food, beverages and tobacco in Turkey, there are various licenses which need to be obtained. A shop requires an operation license issued by the Ministry of Trade Turkey. The company will also need to undergo various inspections from the local municipality.

In order to sell tobacco and alcoholic beverages, the company will need an additional license from the Tobacco and Alcohol Market Regulatory Authority. For this, the company must register with the authority.

Our company formation advisors in Turkey can offer all the necessary information related to the licensing requirements for starting a business for the sale of food, drinks and tobacco.

Why start a retail business in Turkey?

Turkey has a population of nearly 80 million people which is why the creation of a business for the sale of food, beverages and tobacco represents a good idea. The trends are also for small shops to make room for medium-sized and large retail chains, considering that:

  • - in 2017, the Turkish population spent 152,8 billion USD in shopping;
  • - in the same year, 83,8 billion USD went to food and beverages, representing 55% of the retail sales;
  • - approximately 23% of Turkish citizen’s annual incomes goes to grocery shopping;
  • - by 2021, it is predicted that super and hypermarkets will represent 57% of the entire retail market, compared to the 47% represented by traditional stores.

For assistance in registering a business for the sale of food, drinks and tobacco, please contact our agents in Turkey.


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