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Payroll in Turkey

Updated on Monday 04th July 2022

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Payroll in TurkeyUsing the services of an accounting firm to deal with Turkish payroll service is much more recommended than having a department in the company. Our specialists can offer you payroll services in Turkey if you have a company in this country. With the help of these services, you will be able to pay the employees and take care of other important tasks in the company. See below for what Turkish payroll service entails.

What is payroll and when do you need it?

Payroll is a simple process by which the salaries of employees in a company are calculated. There are several departments that collaborate in this process, and here we mention human resources and finance. Here are some other interesting things:
  • Accounting specialists can handle payroll in Turkey. They have access to the list of employees and their remuneration.
  • Before paying the salaries, the taxes to be paid are calculated.
  • Accountants use a special program to calculate salaries. First of all, the company determines how this payment is made: monthly, bimonthly or weekly.
  • Standard payroll execution is approved by the company management.
  • The actual payment of salaries follows, after the taxes have been calculated, maternity leave where applicable, benefits, etc.
When paying salaries to employees, specialists have access to their bank accounts. However, attention is needed in the case of former employees, who should no longer be included in the list of active ones. You can find out more about payroll in Turkey from our company formation agents in Turkey.

Taxes paid by employees and employers in Turkey

When you start a business in Turkey, you need to consider the related fees. Here is what is paid to employees and employers:
  • Social security is 14% for the employer and between 15.5% and 20.5% for the employee.
  • Unemployment insurance means 1% from the employee, but also from the state, plus 2% from the employer.
  • In the case of maternity leave, women receive 2/3 of their daily earnings during the child's upbringing.
Once these taxes have been calculated, they actually switch to payroll in Turkey and more precisely to pay salaries in the company. You can discuss in detail about Turkish payroll service with one of our local agents.

What are the parameters for Turkey payroll service?

Payroll in Turkey involves a number of procedures and issues related to payroll. There are terms without which a payroll in Turkey could not take place. Let's review some of them:
  • Employer costs - are the taxes paid by the Turkish state company, according to the laws in force.
  • Employee costs - are payments for social security, unemployment, and maternity leave paid by the employer, together with the employee.
  • Gross salary - represents the gross salary before calculating the related taxes.
  • Net salary - is the salary received by the employee, after calculating taxes.
Depending on the type of company, higher or lower taxes will be paid. Therefore, if you want to register a company in Turkey and want information about Turkish payroll service, we invite you to talk to our team.

Why choose our payroll services in Turkey?

When you own a company in Turkey you have to make sure that you are in legality with everything related to payroll, starting with the hiring formalities and ending with the payment of salaries. A professional and experienced team, such as our accountants, can help you in this endeavor. It is much better to have the support of payroll experts in Turkey, to be able to focus better on the investments and the smooth running of the company.
Want to know more about Turkish payroll service? Contact us now and discover our personalized offers.

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