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Set Up a Business for Sale of Motor Vehicles in Turkey

Updated on Tuesday 17th September 2019

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Set-Up-a-Business-for-Sale-of-Motor-Vehicles-in-TurkeyThe automotive industry in Turkey is very competitive, as it is one of the most prolific branches of the country’s economy. Those who want to set up companies in this sector can open various types of businesses, among which the companies for the sale of motor vehicles are quite popular.

Turkey is one of the most important trading partners of the European Union and many large car producers in the EU have operations in Turkey from which large numbers of motor vehicles leave every day.

Below, our company formation agents in Turkey explain how you can open a business for the sale of motor vehicles. You should also know that you can count on us for assistance in registering this type of business.

Company registration – the first step to open a car dealership in Turkey

The Company Law stipulates that any commercial activity in Turkey must be completed under one of the types of structures provided by it. This is why, the first step to complete no matter if you are a local or foreign investor looking to sell motor vehicles in Turkey is to register a company.

Here are the company registration steps to be completed in Turkey when opening a business for the sale of motor vehicles:

  1. find a suitable location for the cars and other vehicles to be exposed (the address can also be used as a legal address for the company);
  2. find an appropriate name for the company (the name must be unique and must reflect the activity of your business) and reserve it;
  3. choose the type of structure (the private limited liability company is preferred by most investors);
  4. prepare the necessary amount of money to be used as a share capital for such operations;
  5. register the company with the Companies Register in the city your business will operate.

Even if it is not mandatory, you can also register the name of your company as a trademark with the Turkey Patent and Trademark Office. This will help you create a brand for your Turkish company.

With respect to the Turkish company formation process, it can be handled by our team of consultants.

Types of motor vehicles which can be sold in Turkey

If you want to set up a business in the automotive sector in Turkey, you can sell most types of vehicles. However, Turkey is a world level champion in the production of public transportation and agricultural vehicles.

Large car producers in Europe and Asia also operate in Turkey through branches in which they produce automobiles sold everywhere in the world. For this purpose, Turkey has concluded specific agreements for the motor vehicles produced here to respect the regulations in the respective countries.

If you decide to start a car dealership in Turkey, you will be allowed to sell both imported and locally produced automobiles and motorbikes, however, the sale of used cars is also allowed.

If you decide to open a company in Turkey, our agents can help you with the entire business registration procedure.

Regulations when selling motor vehicles in Turkey

One of the most important aspects to consider when selling imported cars in Turkey is to obtain the import permit for the respective vehicles. Turkish companies must also respect a few Customs regulations when importing such vehicles, however, the registration of a motor vehicle once purchased will be completed by the buyer. The car dealership must ensure that the motor vehicle to be sold respects the Turkish legislation in matter of CO2 emissions.

The dealer selling the car or other means of transportation has the obligation to deliver the motor vehicle based on a contract which must respect the competition laws. This implies for the good to be sold to respect the market prices. This requirement does not apply to the sale of used cars.

Why set up a business in the automotive sector in Turkey?

Turkey is by far one of the most sought destinations when it comes to the production of all sorts of means of transportation. The cheap workforce and the facilities in which car producers can develop their activities are two of the most important aspects of starting a business in this sector.

In numbers:

  • - Turkey is the 15th largest automotive producer in the world (85% of the cars produced here are exported);
  • - Turkey is also the 5th largest motor vehicles producer in Europe;
  • - the country hosts 9 large research and development centers of support for foreign automotive companies;
  • - in 2017, Turkey had a 21 million vehicles market at European level;
  • - at the level of 2018, there were 18 automotive production plants in Turkey.

If you want to open a company in the automotive industry in Turkey or for the sale of motor vehicles and need help, do not hesitate to contact us.


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