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Set Up a Company in Agriculture in Turkey

Updated on Wednesday 25th January 2023

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Set-up-a-company-in-agriculture-in-Turkey.jpgAgriculture is one of the most important sectors of Turkey’s economy which is why the government has created special zones dedicated to the development of agricultural businesses. Moreover, small farmers also have the possibility of creating cooperatives through which they can sell their products to large trading companies.

Foreign investors interested in setting up a business in the agriculture industry in Turkey must comply with the Agriculture Law which was enabled in 2006. Our company registration consultants in Turkey can offer more information on this law.

How to register an agricultural business in Turkey

The first step to set up a company in agriculture in Turkey is to choose a type of structure and register it with the Companies Registrar. As mentioned above, the cooperative is one of the most employed type of business form used by producers of agricultural products in Turkey, therefore one should take into account this option when choosing to invest in this industry.

Our Turkish company formation agents can assist those interested in starting a business in the agricultural sector.

Licensing requirements for agricultural companies in Turkey

Once the company registration process is completed, it is time to apply for the necessary licenses and permit to start operating. Given that agriculture is one the most important industries in Turkey, companies in this field can carry out various activities. While some can cultivate agricultural products, develop seeds, others can grow livestock, produce dairy products and so on. For each of these activities, a company must apply for special licenses and must undergo thorough verifications from the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock’s agencies.

Also, Turkey has adhered to many international organizations which impose various standards for agricultural products which enables companies to export their products. In order to do that, a Turkish agricultural company must apply for an export permit and comply with the regulations imposed by the countries importing these products from them.

We suggest you collaborate with our accountants in Turkey if you decide on doing business in this country. A company needs payroll, bookkeeping, audits, personalized financial consultancy services, debt monitoring, annual financial statements, and many more. Regardless of the activities you wish to develop in Turkey, feel free to contact us and obtain information about our experts and the services offered.

For full information on how to set up a business in the agriculture sector, please feel free to contact us. You can also rely on our company formation representatives in Turkey for assistance with the registration process of the business.


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