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Set Up a Company in the Construction Sector in Turkey

Updated on Wednesday 25th January 2023

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Set-up-a-company-in-the-construction-sector-in-Turkey.jpgThe development of tourism over the years has led to the boom of the construction industry in Turkey. At this moment, the construction sector is one of the major players of the Turkish economy and companies operating in this field register high incomes on a yearly basis. Foreign investors are also allowed to start businesses in the construction industry in Turkey provided that they have obtained a residence permit.

No matter if the construction company is established by local or foreign investors, they all must comply with the regulations imposed by the Turkish Construction and Zoning Laws. Our company formation agents in Turkey can offer more information on the legislation related to the construction sector.

Company registration in the construction industry in Turkey

Construction companies can engage in private or public projects, the latter bringing them governmental assistance, therefore significant benefits. In order to achieve that, an investor must first select a type of structure – private or public company – and register it with the Turkish Companies Registrar. They must prepare the documentation related to the company formation process and deposit the required share capital and obtain the certificate of registration of their company. Following this step, the company owners will be required to apply for the necessary licenses related to the Turkish construction sector.

If you need assistance in opening a construction business, our company registration agents in Turkey can liaise with the local authorities throughout the entire formation process.

How to obtain construction permits in Turkey

After registering a company in the Turkish construction sector, the owner will be required to apply for the building licenses related to start the project or projects. The building permit is issued by the local Zoning and Planning Department. The following documents must be submitted in order to obtain a construction license in Turkey:

  • -          a plan of the area where the construction site will be located;
  • -          a cadastral plan;
  • -          a construction direction plan;
  • -          an elevation of cross section plan.

The company must also obtain an excavation license before starting the construction.

If you want to collaborate with a team of accountants in Turkey, we recommend that you contact us and discover the services offered. Payroll, bookkeeping, tax registration, debt monitoring, audits, and preparation of annual financial statements are among these, so don't hesitate to contact us and find out more about the services you need in the company. In addition, foreign investors can opt for a series of financial analysis reports to know exactly the position of the company from this point of view.

For full information on how to register a company in the construction industry, please contact our Turkish company formation consultants.


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