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Set Up a Company in the Energy Sector in Turkey

Updated on Friday 17th February 2023

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Set-up-a-company-in-the-energy-sector-in-Turkey.jpgTurkey has a rapidly expanding economy which during the last several years meant an increasing use of energy resources. With the latest developments in the energy industry all over the world, Turkey has started making use of its geographical position to generate renewable energy. In order to sustain entrepreneurs interested in investing in the Turkish energy industry, the government has enabled the Electricity Market Law in 2013. Together with other laws, the Electricity Market Act provide for the legislation covering the energy sector in the country.
If you are interested in starting a business in the energy sector, our company formation consultants in Turkey can advise you.

Types of activities to be undertaken in Turkish energy industry

Starting a business in the energy sector in Turkey provides many and varied investment opportunities for private investors seeking to tap into the economy. The government also encourages entrepreneurs to set up companies in the renewable energy industry.
Among the activities regulated by the Turkish legislation related to the energy sector are:
  • -          producing and distributing energy by using renewable energy sources;
  • -          producing and distributing natural gas;
  • -          importing and distributing natural gas.
An important aspect to consider when registering a company in the energy sector in Turkey is that the only types of structures allowed are the limited and the public companies. Our Turkish company formation agents can advise you about the requirements for establishing these types of business forms.

Licenses related to the energy industry in Turkey

As mentioned above, Turkish companies can find various investment possibilities in the energy sector, however they must respect the licensing regulations agreed by the Energy Market Law. The licenses a Turkish energy company can apply for are:
  • -          an energy transmission license;
  • -          an energy generation permit;
  • -          an energy market operation license;
  • -          a supply license;
  • -          an energy distribution license;
  • -          an energy import or export permit.
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For information on the documents related to obtaining special licenses related to the energy industry in Turkey, please contact us. Our company registration advisors in Turkey can also assist with the energy company formation procedure.


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