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Set Up a Company in the Forestry Sector in Turkey

Updated on Friday 17th February 2023

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Set-up-a-company-in-forestry-sector-in-Turkey.jpgForeign investors interested in starting a business in the agriculture sector in Turkey have plenty of choices. Apart from setting up farms or aquaculture businesses, they can also start forestry businesses in areas in which the government grants the right of acquiring land plots.
Starting a company in the forestry sector in Turkey falls under the Forestry Law No. 6831 which dates back in 1956. It must be noted that the law was amended several times since then and new amendments were appended to it over the last few years. Our company formation agents in Turkey can offer more information on the Forestry Law.

Registering a forestry business in Turkey

The first step to open a company in the forestry industry in Turkey is to register any type of business form accepted by the Commercial Law with the Trade Register. Once the company is registered, it can either purchase or agree with the government on the duration of time in which the forest will be exploited. It should be noted that Law No. 6831 provides for various types of land ownership when it comes for forests. These are:
  • -          state-owned forests;
  • -          forests owned by public companies;
  • -          private-owned forests.
The latter implies private companies in Turkey to purchase the forests for exploitation.  Our company registration consultants in Turkey can offer more information on how to buy land, including forests in this country.

Activities which can be undertaken by forestry companies in Turkey

Once the Turkish forestry company is registered and the forest to be exploited was registered with the General Directorate of Forestry and with the Land Register, the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs will grant the authorization for carrying out one or more of the following activities:
  • -          to plant and cut trees;
  • -          to collect various types of seeds from the forests;
  • -          to collect soil or earth samples;
  • -          to process trees and other raw materials from the forests.
We offer you payroll in Turkey and we can explain what this type of service entails. Broadly speaking, you should know that with the help of payroll, you can calculate the salaries of the employees and distribute them to their accounts, according to the internal regulations and not only that. There are a series of documents that come to the attention of our specialists, as well as managers, but everything you need to know in this matter can be explained to you if you get in touch with us.
Forestry companies in Turkey are allowed to process wood products in their own factories, however these factories may not be built on the land plot they are exploiting. A license from the Ministry of Forestry must be obtained when exploiting a state forest.
For assistance in opening a company in the forestry sector in Turkey, please contact us. You can also rely on our Turkish company formation advisors for assistance with the company registration procedure.


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