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Set Up a Transporting and Storage Company in Turkey

Updated on Thursday 23rd August 2018

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Set-up-a-transporting-and-storage-company-in-TurkeyAs one of the most important FMCG suppliers for European and Asian countries, Turkey has one of the most impressive infrastructures in the world. Tons of products exit Turkey by road, railway, sea and air on a monthly basis, therefore opening a transportation and storage company in this country could represent a very successful business idea.

Turkish companies in the logistics sector, including transportation and storage companies, must respect specific norms related to merchandise they process. If you want to open a business in the logistics industry, our company formation agents in Turkey have prepared a small guide below.

Registering a transportation and storage company in Turkey

The company registration process of the transporting and storage business is completed the same was for other types of companies in Turkey with the local Trade Registry. This procedure can successfully be completed by our local advisors who recommend the limited liability company as a business vehicle.

Regulations for freight forwarders in Turkey

Transportation companies are also known as freight forwarders in Turkey and they must comply with the regulations applicable to the safe transportation and storage of goods. These regulations can target:

  • -          the transportation of goods by sea - most of these products are shipped to the American continents;
  • -          the transportation of goods by air to Asian and European countries
  • -          the transportation of goods by railway – these goods are destined to European and Asian states;
  • -          the transportation of goods by road, which is the most employed method of carrying goods in Turkey.

All transportation and storage companies in Turkey have certain responsibilities, among which having the merchandise insured is mandatory.

Responsibilities of Turkish transporting and storage companies

Other responsibilities of transportation and storage companies in Turkey include:

  • -          the transportation of the merchandise to the destination in safe conditions;
  • -          the consolidation and separation of the merchandise, if required;
  • -          the preparation of the documentation which must be presented with the Customs;
  • -          the manipulation, labeling, and overhauling of the merchandise.

For assistance in setting up a transporting and storage company, please contact our company registration consultants in Turkey.

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