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Open a Trading Company in Turkey

Updated on Tuesday 02nd February 2021

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Open a trading company in Turkey.jpgTurkey is a gateway to businesses from Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, and many foreign entrepreneurs already thrive in this country, due to a wide range of options. A trading company is a great business choice for those interested in generating profits in a very appreciated business destination like Turkey. In matters of incorporation, you can rely on the support of our company formation agents in Turkey.

How do I open a trading company in Turkey?

Trading companies in Turkey can run under the rules of limited liability companies (LTD), the most common business structure available that can be established with a minimum share capital of EUR 3,300 or TRY 10,000. Here are other important steps related to company formation of trading business in Turkey:
  1. At least one shareholder is necessary for opening an LTD in Turkey.
  2. The Articles of Association stand at the base of an LTD in Turkey, with information about the owners, general rules, activities, and many more.
  3. A Turkish bank account is required for depositing the minimum share capital.
  4. The registration for taxation and social contributions is another important step.
  5. Trading companies can operate if special licenses and permits are obtained.
The stages of registering a trading company in Turkey can be handled by our company formation specialists in Turkey, as soon as you decide to work with us and send your inquiries.

Activities of Turkish trading companies

Besides having import and export activities in Turkey, a trading company can develop logistics and transportation activities, deal with the distribution of goods, or act as retailers. In any case, it is quite recommended to observe the general business rules in Turkey, make some verifications, and then choose the proper business activities. One of our company formation representatives in Turkey can assist you throughout the registration process of a trading company in Turkey.

Are there any import and export procedures in Turkey?

Yes, it is important to pay attention to the regulations of the trading field within the EU and other countries you intend to collaborate with. As such, it is required to present a set of documents for imported and exported goods by your company before distribution. Conformity certificates, invoices, proof of paid taxes are among the documents one should prepare for any trading activity implicated.
Turkey signed several important international agreements with the Economic Cooperation Organization, World Trade Organization, Black Sea Economic Cooperation, to name a few. Plus, Turkey is a member of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership for enjoying the free trade benefits with the participant countries. If you would like to know more about the process of trading company registration in Turkey, please feel free to get in touch with our specialists. We are here to help you and to assist you throughout the formalities imposed by the Turkish authorities in the trading sector.

The EU-Turkey agreement

The Turkish authorities recently abolished the exporter’s declaration and introduced a new rule. The EU-Turkey trade can take place if a Certified Certificate of Origin is presented. This means that any product delivery from the EU to Turkey must be sustained by such a certificate, to avoid any possible charges or even penalties. 

The UK-Turkey trade agreement after Brexit

Another important aspect to consider for a trading company in Turkey refers to the recent agreement signed with UK after Brexit. The first thing to consider regards exporters who need to prove the origin of goods via self-certification, to enjoy the privileged rates applied on exports. On the other hand, the regulations referring to tariffs remain the same for the moment, and all the modifications that might apply will update the agreement right away. Please bear in mind that the fees for bilateral trade between Turkey and UK remain unchanged after Brexit. All the details in this direction can be discussed with one of our company formation specialists in Turkey.
Here are some facts and figures about the imports and exports of Turkey:
  • According to information offered by ec.europa.eu, Turkey was the 6th largest import and export partner for the EU in 2019.
  • Germany was the main import and export partner of Turkey.
  • Turkey and the EU registered around EUR 2,060 billion in matters of exports, in 2018.
  • Turkey exported goods to China worth around EUR 2.107 billion in the same year.
If you are interested in opening a trading company in Turkey, you can contact our team of company formation agents in Turkey and ask for guidance.

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