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Sales of Electronics in Turkey

Updated on Wednesday 13th December 2017

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Sales-of-Electronics-in-Turkey.jpgThe electronics sector in Turkey offers important potential for foreign investments. The growing global consumer market influences the production of Turkish electronics, out of which consumer electronics seem to have the highest share of production.
Turkey produces a wide range of electronics and it also exports an important amount of its electronics. Consumer electronics, telecommunication and professional and industrial equipment are the top three areas in this business field. Our company formation agents in Turkey can help you open a company that operates in this field and also deals with the sales of electronics in Turkey.

Electronics market outlook in Turkey

Electronics production in Turkey focuses mainly on consumer electronics which represents the market with the strongest potential for growth. It encompasses approximately 35% of the sales of electronics in Turkey and is followed by telecommunication (19%), professional and industrial equipment (17%), computers (15%), electronic components and defense electronics.
Turkey exports most of the production and consumer electronics also comprise most of the exported products and they are followed by electronic components and telecommunication. As a producer, Turkey imports professional equipment and components.

Investing in the electronics market in Turkey

The sales of electronics in Turkey are mainly focused on the commercialization of consumer electronics. Smartphones and tablets are the two main categories that drive the growth in this business sector. Electronics producers launch new products every year and they also adapt their offer to the spending ability of the consumers.
Turkey is a hub for many electronics ad software companies and many international corporations have opened subsidiaries or branches in this country. It offers certain business advantages, such as a good geographical location, numerous free trade agreements and other double tax treaties.
Turkey also has several research and development centers and clusters for the electronics sector. The government encourages investments in the areas through the Large Scale Investment Inventive Scheme that favors electronic industry investments and other areas.
Turkey's growing economy is expected to attract important investments in the future. If you would like to invest in Turkey, you can contact our company formation agents in Istanbul.

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